ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES is an innovative law firm structured to provide Affordable, Efficient, & Quick legal services mostly via emails, phone calls, and Skype calls, all without bearing the additional costs of similar legal services provided by the regular law firms which eventually will be added to your invoice (i.e. costs of luxurious offices, costs of armies of administrative assistants and secretaries…etc.). In other words, no more wasting time searching for costly legal services or to physical visits to lawyers’ offices while you can have it online.




.Because we believe that technology should be recruited to assist you claiming your rights & earn justice at lowest costs possible. Therefore, our services are: 

Affordable: High business expenses mean high lawyers’ fees (i.e. costs of luxurious offices, costs of armies of administrative assistants and secretaries…etc.). ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES is the solution to have “net” legal services without bearing such additional costs, this will significantly reduce your invoice amount.

Efficient: Our lawyers have years of experience in the United Arab Emirates laws.

Simple & Quick (a few clicks away): No time wasting by physically visiting lawyers  offices and encountering the typical administrative complications (i.e. waiting for an appointment, opening a file…etc.) In other word, searching for the legal assistance is no more a problem, just send us an email/s and receive the legal service you need.



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With ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES, everyone will be able to have Legal assistance, including but not limited to:

  1. Low income/wage workers and employees.
  2. People & companies who/which have low-value claims, where the fees of typical legal services paid to regular law firms will eat most of these small claims (i.e. labour claims).
  3. New established businesses or unestablished businesses, which still don’t have significant revenues and aiming to cut their costs.
  4. People & companies need legal assistance on quick/urgent basis.
  5. People & companies need legal assistance, but they are residing out of the United Arab Emirates.




Having  legal assistance is only a few clicks away, just do the following simple steps:

1. Send us an email requesting one or more of our legal services. You can also press on the related quick services buttons in the homepage.

2. You will receive an email from a lawyer including one or more of the requested legal services that could be served online, i.e. legal advice or study, contract draft, legal documents…etc. In case of any questions or clarifications, you can contact us via phone, Skype, and/or emails.

3. If the legal service cannot be fulfilled online as it might require our boots on ground (.i.e. pressing bounced cheques charges, attending court hearings, incorporating a company, registering TM…etc), you will receive further emails regarding the next steps & actions which should be taken and more emails to keep you updated.


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