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How Does It Work?

1. Submit your inquiry below regarding the legal document you desire to be drafted and/or a scanned copy of the document you desire to be legally revised together with a scanned copy of any document might be necessary to draft/revise the requested legal document.

2. ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES will send you an email with the drafted/revised legal document attached against minimal fees (you can also pay by Paypal).

3. You can always contact ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES via phone, Skype, and/or emails in case of any questions or clarifications.


.Contracts and Legal Documents to be Drafted/Revised

Including but not limited to:

Business documents

  • sales & purchase agreements. 
  • supply & distribution agreements.
  • joint ventures & partnership agreements.
  • memorandums of understanding (M.O.U).
  • letters of intent (L.o.I).


Corporate documents

  • articles/memorandum of associations and amendments.
  • board/shareholders resolutions,
  • shareholders agreements.
  • local agent services agreements.
  • minutes of meetings.


Disputes documents

  • legal notices.
  • settlements agreement.
  • legal statements.
  • disputed real estate sales and purchase agreements and reservation forms.
  • disputed real estate lease contracts.
  • courts pleadings and memorandums (first instance , appeal, and execution).

Employment documents

  • employment contracts.
  • warning letters.
  • termination letters.


Applications and letters for governmental departments

  • departments of economical development.
  • land department/RERA.
  • residency and foreigners’ affairs departments.
  • Ministry of Labour.
  • police and prosecution.
  • Power of Attorney (P.o.A).
  • notary publics
  • courts.
  • municipalities and ministries.
  • consulates and embassies.

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