This service covers the collection and classification of debts and organizing the operations of giving credits, managed in cooperation with Smart Money for Claims Recovery and Disputes Settlements (ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES’ partners).

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How Does It Work?

1. Submit your inquiry below overviewing your disputes with your debtors together with a scan copy of the related documents.

2. ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES and Smart Money will study your inquiry and estimate the fees, then reply to you with the fees estimation, noting that these fees in most cases will be success fees “or collection fees”, which means that these fees will be paid only after the debts are paid.

3. You will get an email from a lawyer overviewing you with your success chances, also will advise you with the next steps to be taken in order to resolve the debt dispute out of the court (i.e. pressurizing the debtors by phone calls, S.M.S, legal notices…etc). You can always contact ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES via phone, Skype, and email in case of any questions or clarifications.

4. If your legal dispute will require boots on ground as attending courts hearings on your behalf, in this case you will receive further emails about how to proceed with the matter (separate fees will be applied).

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