ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES Strategy in Disputes Resolution


The strategy of ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES in disputes resolution is the following:

  • First of all, and before filing any costly or risky lawsuits at the court, ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES will study your legal dispute against a nominal fee in order to understand your legal ground in it.
  • Next, ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES will introduce you to your chances of winning/losing this legal dispute (which will be based on the legal study), and will also advise you of the next steps & actions to be taken and whether it is recommended to enter a settlement in case you have weak chances to win the court lawsuit or to file a lawsuit at the court in case your chances are high to win.
  • In case it is recommended to enter a settlement and avoid courts, ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES will communicate with your opponents in order to reach a fast and fair solution for your dispute. This strategy is designed to attempt to make you avoid paying the high expenses related to filing courts lawsuits, such as advocates’ fees, court & experts fees…etc. Also, to save your valuable time as your legal dispute might take several months or even years seen in front of the court and other departments. All of that, without waiving your legal and legitimate rights.
  • In case of failing to reach any fair and amicable settlement with your opponents, ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES will  draft and send them legal notices.
  • In case the opponents will not cooperate or positively respond then ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES will start legal action with the concerned authorities via licensed Emirati advocates who are legitimate to plea at the courts of law (ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES’ partners), such as filing lawsuits at the courts & rent committees. Moreover, submitting complaints and applications at Police Stations, Public Prosecutions, Ministry of Labour, Economical Departments, Immigration Departments, Land Departments…etc.
  • For non-Arabic speaking law firms: ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES is pleased to provide well-Arabic drafted courts pleadings and petitions for your clients (First Instance Court, Appeal Court, and Execution Court “Civil, Commercial, Labour, Real Estate, and Rent Committees”) and, if requested, to attend their court hearings by Emirati advocates (ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES’ partners). Moreover, ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES provides translated principles of Courts of Cassation, which will definitely support your clients in their pleadings at the courts.


Areas of Disputes

Civil & Commercial Disputes

including but not limited to:

1. Money and debt claims, non-payment / delayed payments.

2. Breach of contractual obligations

3. Business, partnership, and companies disputes

4. Tort and negligence

5. Commercial papers disputes

6. Representation at the Court via our Emirati partners /advocates.


Labour Disputes

 including but not limited to:

1. Claiming for unpaid salaries, end of services, unjustified dismissal compensation, and labor entitlements in general.

2. Challenging false absconding claims.

3. Removal of labour & immigration Bans.

4. Reaching Settlements between employers and employees

5. Advising on disciplinary matters.

6. Representation at the Labor Court via our Emirati partners/advocates.


Property & Real Estate Disputes

including but not limited to:

1. Preparing and serving Legal notices.

2. Advising on Property Disputes.

3. Dealing with Authorities Land Department/RERA.

4. Acting for developers and investors.

5. Finding solutions to delayed and late completions/handovers

6. Filing Complaints to Authorities.

7. Handling Rental cases.

8. Representation at the Real Estate Court via our Emirati partners/advocates.


Criminal Disputes

including but not limited to

1. Bounced cheques.

2. Breach of trust.

3. Infringement of intellectual property.

4. Criminal negligence.

5. Representation at the Police, Public prosecution, and Criminal Court via our Emirati partners/advocates.

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